If you’ve arrived at this page, from the G Suite Marketplace installer or app launcher, it means the Gopher Buddy Service is already installed on your G Suite domain.  If you’re a domain administrator, you can configure Gopher Buddy from Apps -> Marketplace Apps -> Gopher Buddy Service -> Additional Settings.

Gopher Buddy is an extension that checks your Chrome OS version and gives you a friendly nudge when it looks like your device has fallen behind the latest version available from Google.  It also helps your school keep track of which school computers you’ve used, for how long, and on what networks.

How it works…

Gopher Buddy goes to work whenever you are using a school-managed Chrome device with your school-managed G Suite for Education (Google) account.

It looks up your Chromebook with Google, determines whether it has an outdated version of Chrome running on it, and lets you know if your device needs updating, as well as what steps to take.

Gopher Buddy also stores some very basic information related to a school computer’s network location and the times it was used by you.  This allows administrators at your school to run reports in case they need to see who was using which computers, and at what time, for how long, and on which network.

Gopher Buddy Happy

Chrome is up to date!

Gopher Buddy Sad

Chrome needs updating!  Go to chrome://help

Why should I care if my device has the latest version of Chrome?

Google is constantly improving Chrome, making it more secure, and adding new features that software developers can use to build great apps.  Certain applications can’t run unless they have the newest version.

Help, I keep trying to update my device, but it never updates…

In some cases, if Chrome has gotten really far behind, you may not be able to update it from chrome://settings/help.  If you believe this has happened to the device you are using, you should let your teacher or technology department know so they can re-flash the device from a USB.

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