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Access to Gopher for Chrome Premium, Gopher for Gmail, Gopher for Users, and Gopher for Groups.  Exclusive voting membership in Gopher Pack ideas board.  Early access and premium license for any new Gopher tools we create.
Premium license to all current and future G Suite admin and workflow tools.  Early access to tools in development.  Premium on-boarding supports. Exclusive voting rights in Amplified Admin Tools Unlimited ideas board.  Quarterly systems transformation hangouts and product feedback sessions with other districts.

G Suite admins dig the Gophers…

In the fall of 2016, our district deployed 4200 Chromebooks to 1:1 students. We ran into some major problems in asset management in the Admin Console soon after. Without Chrome Gopher, it would have taken us months to correct all of the inventory errors. Chrome Gopher paid for itself in a week. I have told many other districts that if you are managing more than a couple hundred Chromebooks, Chrome Gopher is a must-have tool.

Steve Asper

Technologist, White Bear Lake Area Schools

A GUI and a password generator. #Thebomb! I promise to still use GAM, but not for user creation anymore.  When it comes to new user creation, I am going to be using @amplifiedlabs #usergopher from now on.

Lance Lennon

Director of Technology, Eagle Grove Community School District

Stop playing whack-a-mole with your Chromebooks

  • Query, import and bulk update Chrome device OUs, asset ID, notes, and assigned users in the G Suite admin panel
  • Import, merge & bulk update device OU and annotations from asset management system exports
  • Import and update devices from barcode scans of Asset ID or SN
  • Quick find and update a single devices by Asset ID, SN, or assigned user
  • Build reports on users, individual devices
  • Run auto-refreshing domain wide reports on device health and activity, with OU breakouts

Includes the Gopher Buddy Extension for fleet health, and tracking IP address & user sessions

  1. Extends the reporting powers of the Chrome Gopher to include user sessions that capture username, local & public IP address, start time, and session duration in minutes.
  2. Nudges users to help prevent Chrome devices from falling more than 3 version behind in their OS updates.

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An administrative task-master for Gmail inboxes

  • Claw back emails after phishing attacks, FERPA breaches, or inappropriate sends.
  • Use Gmail Log Search results to target and delete unwanted emails from user inboxes.
  • More features coming…
  • Learn more…

Bulk user management superpowers in Google Sheets

  • Create users from mapped CSV exports
  • Update user properties, directory fields
  • Reset and distribute student passwords to staff
  • Delete users
  • Learn more…

Root out and fix risky Google Groups settings

  • Query and import Google domain group settings to Sheets
  • Quick-filters for potentially risky access settings
  • Preview and apply bulk settings changes
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A front-row seat at the Gopher show

  • Exclusive voting rights in the Gopher Pack Ideas board, which will be used to validate and direct the roadmap for our next Gopher tool
  • Exclusive early access to Gopher tools in development
  • Free premium access to any new Gopher tools and features released during the term of your license
  • NAGTC Collaborative Members get 10% off list price for Gopher Pack

Bundle price represents a discount of 33% off a la carte tool purchase price

 A la carte tool totalBundle price
Less than 1000 students$1,075$710
Between 1000 and 5000 students$2,150$1,419
Between 5000 and 20000 students$3,225$2,129
Between 20000 and 40000 students$5,375$3,548
Over 40000 students13.4 cents per student8.9 cents per student

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A quote request grants your domain 30-days of premium tool access with no obligation.

Transform your administrative workflow in G Suite…

Give your school leaders, coaches, and support staff administrative superpowers in Google Classroom.  Support your teachers in the transition to using Google Classroom as your primary LMS.

Little SIS for Classroom and the Little SIS Sync Agent provide centralized provisioning, management, and insights for Google Classroom.  Designed with piloting and change-management in mind.

  • Give school leaders, coaches, and support staff delegated admin access to Google Classroom
  • Sync class and roster creation for subsets of SIS classes
  • Sync guardian invitations from SIS data
  • Pull comprehensive Classroom adoption data
  • Bulk archive or remove unused classes
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G Suite administrative superpowers come in small packages

The Gophers turn any Google Sheet into a command center for…

  • Chromebook management, including IP Address and user session tracking via the Gopher Buddy extension
  • Gmail clawback response for phishing and FERPA incidents
  • User provisioning and management
  • Google groups settings visibility and control
  • Learn more…

Unlock the potential of user-managed Google Groups

Centralized AD-sync or admin console management of Groups will only get you so far.  Delight your staff by making clubs, teams, and other special uses possible in Google Groups.  With Group Gator you can keep your existing centrally-managed groups, while also freeing your teachers, coaches, and office admins to manage additional “special groups” simply and easily.

  • Delegated staff manage Group memberships via Google Sheets
  • Easy lookup and bulk add / remove of group members.
  • Learn more…

Sync local data exports to Sheets dashboards and systems

If you can auto-export SIS or EIS data CSV files to your local network, Local Hero can auto-update Google Sheets and Google BigQuery tables with this data.

  • Robust Electron.js app installs on Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • Feature rich, easy-to-use data field mapper and transformation UI
  • Multiple job modes allow for replace, update, upsert in destination Google Sheets, or drop vs. append in BigQuery tables
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Take Google Calendar to the next level with the power of automation

  • Automate event creation from Google Forms
  • Mass-produce and sync events from Google Sheets
  • Set conditions, automate form and time triggers
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A thought partner and a toolkit to boost your district’s G Suite for EDU transformation

  • 5 hrs of premium on-boarding support
  • Quarterly small-group systems transformation hangouts and product feedback sessions with other districts

  • Exclusive voting rights in the Amplified Admin Tools Unlimited Ideas board, which will be used to validate and direct the Amplified Labs tools roadmap
  • Exclusive early access to all new administrative tools in development.  (Note that instructional tools are sold separately.)
  • Free premium access to all new administrative tools released during the term of your license
  • SLA support with 1 business day turnaround on all help tickets
  • NAGTC Collaborative Members get 10% off list price for Admin Tools Unlimited

Bundle price represents a discount of 33% off a la carte tool / support pricing.  Additional 10% discount for our NAGTC members.

 A la carte tool / service pricingBundle price
Less than 1000 students$4,450$2,937
Between 1000 and 5000 students$7,700$5,082
Between 5000 and 20000 students$10,950$7,227
Between 20000 and 40000 students$17,450$11,517
Over 40000 students43.6 cents per student28.8 cents per student

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What folks are saying about our tools…

Amplified IT Add-ons are the magic dust that turn Google Administrators into Google Wizards.

Keith George (not pictured)

Educational Technology Specialist, Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI)

I am really impressed by the robust and thoughtful design of Little SIS for Classroom. It loaded our entire district’s G Suite users and 7,500 Classroom classes in just a few minutes, and allowed us to get a great baseline on the current state of adoption.  Its granular sync controls are allowing us to design the right sized pilot as we begin to scale Google Classroom to become our district’s primary LMS.

David Malone

Executive Director of Technology & Innovation, San Francisco Unified School District

Your sessions and resources have saved our District time which is saving us money. Thank your for the efficiencies you are providing through your different apps.

Reggie Smith

Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, Wausau School District

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