Let our team synchronize G Suite Users and Google Classroom classes, rosters, and guardians for you…

For schools with Amplified Labs’ Managed Sync for G Suite, our team creates all G Suite student user accounts, as well as Google Classroom classes, rosters, and guardian-invitations, and synchronizes them daily from your student information system data.

What problems does Managed Sync for G Suite solve?

Manually keeping up with student account creation, Classroom roster maintenance, and guardian invitations in G Suite can be a repetitive and time-consuming process for tech staff and teachers.

Beyond the cost in time, lags and mistakes in account provisioning and rostering are where a school’s highest-needs students can fall through the cracks and get left hanging without access to the learning tools they need.

Finally, when they can’t rely on all of their students having access to their school G Suite accounts or Google Classroom, or when the burdens of setup and maintenance create barriers to adoption, teachers miss an opportunity to try on the rich teaching strategies that are made possible through Google’s collaboration and authoring tools.

 Avg NYCDOE responseCost for a small school
How many hours PER YEAR would you estimate you (or your IT staff) spend creating and managing G Suite user accounts for your school?36 hrs$1,500
How many hours PER YEAR would you estimate the average teacher spends maintaining Google Classroom rosters?9 hrs$9,000
How often is a teacher in your school unable to use Google Classroom with all students because not all accounts are set up or enrolled in the class?Quite oftenSignificant lost teaching and learning

How does it work?

Using the Clever API (at no additional direct cost to schools), our Premium G Suite Sync service automatically pulls all the necessary student roster information, cross-references your existing G Suite domain users and Classroom classes, and automatically performs all necessary changes on your G Suite domain.

What G Suite entities does it sync from my SIS?

  • G Suite User Accounts
  • Google Groups
  • Google Classroom Classes and Rosters (learn more)
  • Google Classroom Guardian Invitations  (learn more)

What types of sync actions will the service perform?

  • Creating new student accounts with customized, rule-based username and password
  • Moving and/or suspending student accounts for students no longer on register
  • Creating Google Classroom classes for all teachers
  • Adding new students to Classroom rosters and notifying the teacher
  • Optionally, inviting guardians to Google Classroom
  • Optionally, removing unenrolled students from Classroom rosters and notifying the teacher.
  • Optionally, removing guardians not found in your SIS source data.

Can our district host this service ourselves?

Managed Sync for G Suite is a hosted and managed service built on our GFE Sync and Little SIS technologies that includes Clever SIS integration.  This makes it a great fit if your school doesn’t have the local resources to automate your own SIS data exports, or to set up and manage a server running sync jobs.

That said, for districts with the in-house capacity to self-host, GFE Sync and Little SIS can be purchased as standalone, self-hosted, self-managed services.  For larger districts, this can be a more cost-effective way to provide the same user and Classroom sync functionality.


$500 year-one activation fee

Covers the one-time cost of:

  • Technical on-boarding
  • G Suite configuration best practices coaching session with Amplified IT’s consulting team

This time with our experts ensures schools get maximum value from Google’s tools and minimize unnecessary organizational risk. 

Optional G Suite Best Practices Support

5 additional hours on-demand support & coaching on any G Suite related issue
  • Allows you flexibly schedule an additional 5hrs time (good for one year) with any Amplified IT consultant for any G-Suite related training or support need.
  • Can be a one-time purchase to be re-evaluated upon renewal.

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