Amplified Labs is releasing a short, 90-second FeatureFeature video each month, highlighting specific problems that our tool ‘features’ can help you solve.  If you have questions about the FeatureFeature, be sure to drop us a line!

This month’s FeatureFeature highlights how you can use our free Centipede script to quickly provision your Chromebooks.

July 2019

Use Gopher for Groups to identify risky Groups settings on your domain and make changes to those settings in bulk.

June 2019

Use Gopher for Users to manage users’ Groups membership in bulk.

May 2019

OU & Device Transfer Master: Tips on Quickly Moving Devices from one OU to Another with Gopher for Chrome.

April 2019

Show and Tell!: Using the Guardian Explorer in Little SIS for Classroom to understand who is currently receiving Guardian Summaries from Google Classroom.

February 2019

Whodunnit?: Uncover Chromebook Session Details with Gopher Buddy.

January 2019

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