Backpack is a student-centered, Google-based approach to student portfolios designed to help districts strengthen their teaching and learning practices by loosely aligning across grade levels to a set of core competencies — like content mastery, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and resiliency — that define the district’s big-picture goals for all graduates.

We're looking for a limited number of districts to launch with us in 2020. Set up an exploratory chat & demo with our team.

Did you know?

Backpack for Drive was designed in partnership with Kentucky's largest school district

See it in action

There is nothing better than when a @WilkersonElem Ss reaches out to a local business to help with their #passionproject and they respond almost immediately offering to help out. Thank you @wiltbakery! #jcpslibraries #shoplocal @JCPS_LMS #communityconnections #jcpsbackpack


I’m so proud of the resilience of these @JCPSGT 5th graders! They worked so hard to code their @SpheroEdu bolts today as they made their way through the “solar system.” It’s harder than it looks! @GutermuthES #JCPSDigIn @JCPS_LMS #JCPSLibraries @JCPSBackpack #JCPSBackpack


Today was multicultural day. The Ss rotated between 6 classrooms all representing a different country. They learned about the country then played games or created an artifact. It was amazing getting to work so closely w/ @teachallan @yesio12! #jcpsbackpack @JCPSDEP1

The @WilkersonElem library aides not only hep me, but are so helpful when the littles are in the library. They are priceless! #jcpslibraries @JCPS_LMS #jcpsbackpack @jcpsbackpack #hirelibraryaides


A few hints, lots of cheers, and one class of proud @GutermuthES 5th graders after successfully breaking into their @breakoutEDU boxes! Lots of thinking, talking, & testing! 🔐🗝️🔑@JCPS_LMS #JCPSLibraries @JCPSBackpack #JCPSBackpack


These @GutermuthES 5th graders demonstrated so many @JCPSBackpack skills today as they worked with @breakoutEDU digital games! Productive struggle = growing and learning! @JCPS_LMS #JCPSLibrarians #GutermuthPride #JCPSBackpack


The 3rd grade enrichment Ss @WilkersonElem did a wonderful job creating images and poetry for their group I Spy book using @BookCreatorApp. #jcpslibraries #elainthelibrary #jcpsdigin @jcpsdigin @JCPS_LMS @PrinWilkerson #jcpsbackpack @JCPSBackpack


All the anti-bullying posters, videos and animations are starting to roll in. This one was created by one of the @WilkersonElem 4th graders! #moretocome @jcpslibraries @BullyingJcps #jcpslibraries #researchforacause #jcpsbackpack @jcpsbackpack #jcpsdigin @JCPSDigIn

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