Humbly liberating SIS data from silos to the cloud!

What could your SIS data be doing for you if it were live synced to Google Sheets or Google BigQuery?

Schedule the download of CSV exports from your SIS or other data platform backends and set up Local Hero to automate data syncs to Google Sheets and BigQuery.

Once the right data is always up-to-date in Sheets or BigQuery, just imagine the possibilities:

  • Connect Sheets or BigQuery to Google Data Studio to design smarter school processes, dashboards, and interventions that leverage live attendance or gradebook data.
  • Create a private, searchable student directory for staff using Spreadsheet tools like Awesome Table. See demo.
  • Build customized, collaborative data dashboards for leadership and teaching staff. See demo.
  • Create provisioning automations using Apps Script and Add-ons for Sheets

How Local Hero works

First, use relevant methods to schedule the delivery of SIS exports as CSV files to your local filesystem — this part Local Hero can’t do for you.  Then set up Local Hero to automatically map and sync these CSV files from your filesystem to a destination Google Sheet, on the schedule of your choosing.  Now use this live synced Sheet and a growing universe of Google Add-ons — or write your own custom time-triggered Apps Script utilities — to build downstream processes and tools like dashboards, workflows, and automations.

Choose how you want updates handled

Select if and how you want source data to update records in the destination Sheet.

Map CSV data to its destination

Indicate which columns to include, and how you want columns to be mapped, from source CSV to destination Sheet.

Schedule and manage multiple jobs

Local file updates get automatically pushed to the destination Sheet on a schedule of your choosing.

Serve insights to teams

Roll your own live data dashboards in Sheets from locally scheduled SIS exports.  A great way to feed data to Google Data Studio.

Automate processes

Let your SIS live in the dream of Google Sheets Add-ons.

Rethink Provisioning

Drive, Groups, Users, etc. Once your SIS data is in Sheets, there’s an Apps Script API for that.

Get help

Learn more about how to install and use Local Hero.
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