Little SIS for Classroom is a web application that gives your school leaders, coaches, and support staff administrative superpowers in Google Classroom.

Delegate the appropriate access to different administrative users

Little SIS for Classroom uses a powerful and granular delegation model.  By defining Tags, Access Filters, and User Roles, you can empower everyone from school principals to IT integrators to support high quality instruction in Google Classroom.

Give powerful insights to a range of different admin users, allowing them to view, analyze usage, join as co-teacher, and perform administrative actions on flexibly-defined groups of Classroom classes on your domain.

Little SIS for Classroom scans and maintains a live database of your entire domain for Classroom classes, and can retrieve rosters and assignments for any class, and provides powerful insight reports on usage data tied to schools and time intervals. Little SIS can also be used to perform critical cleanup tasks like identifying and bulk-archiving old, unneeded classes so they don’t clutter up the student and teacher experience.

A powerful add-on to the Little SIS web app, the Little SIS Sync Agent is a desktop or server application that automates Google Classroom classes, rosters, and guardians from any SIS, clearing away the teacher setup barriers and launching your school or district into a new level of adoption.

Watch the Little SIS Sync Agent overview video

Synchronize Classroom classes and rosters

The Little SIS Sync Agent extends Little SIS, providing a powerful, flexible, systems-integrated deployment model for Google Classroom.  Sync jobs auto-create classes in Google Classroom and update class rosters from student information exports, making it easier for schools to adopt and maintain Google Classroom at scale.

Analyze and sync guardian invitations

For districts that have effective processes to centralize the collection of parent email addresses, syncing Classroom guardians can be a powerful force for family engagement and school to home communication.   Whether or not you choose to sync your classes and rosters, the Little SIS Sync Agent can

  • Analyze the current state of all guardian invitations on the domain.
  • Manually or automatically send guardian invitations for eligible students from an SIS export.

Progressive automation and scale-up

The Little SIS Sync Agent can be run manually at first, then powered up to provide full automation as you get your feet on the ground.  Designed to be adopted at ANY time in the school year and for a limited subset of teachers, classes, or schools, Little SIS allows you to launch a small pilot and then go big when you are good and ready.

The Little SIS Sync Agent can detect and link to existing, teacher-created classes

Getting started mid-semester?  SIS program not finalized until after the start of school?  Your eager-beaver teachers built a bunch of their Classroom classes over the summer? Little SIS has this covered.  An auto-detection algorithm will help you spot and resolve any unlinked classes that may have been created independently by teachers, linking them to the correct SIS sections and synchronizing their rosters.  Magic!

How the Little SIS Sync Agent works

  1. Little SIS Sync Agent is installed on local server (typically a VM) on secure district network by an administrator.
  2. Automated CSV enrollment exports are scheduled for automated delivery to network folder via direct database query or SIS auto-send functionality.
  3. A Little SIS sync job is created, which includes user-configured data mappings that are used to transform SIS data into Google Classroom classes and rosters OR guardians invitations.
  4. Update actions are staged for manual review.
  5. Staged actions are approved by the administrator and executed by Little SIS via the Google Classroom API.
  6. Once you’re comfortable things are running correctly, steps 3 and 4 can be set to be run as fully automated process!


Insights and bulk powers

The Little SIS Sync Agent’s Classroom Explorer (v1) provides visibility across all classes on your domain, summarizing details like course state, current rosters, and number of assignments given, parent notification settings, and making bulk actions — such as bulk-archiving — available to administrators.


With the ability join multiple source files and create custom field expressions, Little SIS is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of CSV data sources and schemas.


A robust rule-builder allows you to restrict your initial pilot, phase your rollout, and organize your syncs into subset of teachers, classes, or schools.

Progressively automated

Ease yourself in with a process that requires manual inspection and staging before changes are applied, then ramp up to full, touchless automation.

Seamlessly handles pre-existing classes

Little SIS Sync Agent detects pre-existing, teacher-created courses that match SIS data, prompting the administrator to review the likelihood of a match, and link them for automated roster updates.

Fine-grained control

As part of change-management, admins can manually control the creation of new classes or roster changes at a granular level via a highly-flexible stage and commit workflow, and create exceptions for specific classes or students.

Make teachers happy

Automating the class setup and student rostering process in Classroom helps teachers get started and stay the path, even as their SIS enrollments change.

Get off to the races

Hit the ground with all engines running when you scale Classroom through workshops and district-wide initiatives.

Swim in a common direction

Students fare better when their teachers share similar workflow and communication methods across their classes.  Let Classroom be the great unifier!

Over 300 school districts of varying sizes and student information systems have adopted Little SIS for Classroom…

Get help

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