Tools and services that transform the way people work in schools.

Administrative Mojo for Google Classroom

Little SIS for Classroom, and the Little SIS Sync Agent can be purchased as a combo or as standalone solutions to bring LMS-like superpowers, from detailed insight reporting to administrative oversight and course, roster and guardian sync from any SIS.

Your reporting and management go-getter for Chromebooks.

Manage your Chrome devices with bulk power, reporting intelligence, and efficiency.

User and Classroom provisioning as a managed service

Let our team handle the creation of all G Suite user accounts, Google Classroom classes, rosters, and guardian-invitations, and keep them synchronized with your student information system data

Make molehills out of mountains

Google Sheets just got G Suite user-management superpowers.  Bulk modify G Suite user properties, contact information, and employee information directly from a Google Sheet — with full previews of changes.

Google Groups management. Simplified.

Clear the administrative bottleneck and delegate group member management to your front-line staff.

Automate Google Calendar events from Sheets and Forms data.

Calendar hundreds of district events or athletic team meets from a spreadsheet. Build automagic Form-driven event approval workflows for school teams.

Humbly liberating SIS data from silos to the cloud!

Build live dashboards or automations that team up your SIS data with the superpowers of Google Sheets, Scripts, and Add-ons.

Your many-footed little helper for Chromebook enrollment.

Program an Arduino Micro to enroll your Chromebooks for you.

Simple, Google-native, competency-aligned digital portfolios

Backpack for Google Drive puts multi-year, skill-aligned, student-curated digital portfolios within reach for any district using G Suite for EDU.

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Who we are

Our team brings together a rare mutant-mixture of Google platform expertise, engineering chops, and deep experience and community roots in education technology.

What we do

We create tools for G Suite that re-imagine and improve the workflows, systems, and IT processes that make amazing student learning experiences possible.

Why we do it

Our tools empower classroom educators, school leaders, and IT administrators to design better systems, get more value out of G Suite, and work smarter.