Problem of practice

How can we provide students and teachers an easy way to find district-approved learning apps, and how can we streamline and organize the app approval process to make it sustainable for IT leaders?


Amplified Labs’ supported App Maker templates provide a starter app that can be modified to suit your schools’ needs, along with ongoing supports and updates.

All templates are currently available to our Labs Unlimited subscribers.   Use this form to express interest and we’ll follow up with you.

We are also exploring a pay-per-template business model, and would like to have discovery calls with districts interested in helping us understand the best approach.  Use this form to express interest and we’ll follow up with you.

Finally, for folks interested in learning how to build their own App Maker Apps, we offer a 15-hour bootcamp through a partnership with App Maker University.  Learn more.

I would like to know what apps I can use with my school account. I may not know of all the apps available to my grade level, or for a given subject area.


I want to know what apps are available for use, and be able to efficiently and transparently request new apps to be approved, so I can plan rich, technology-integrated lessons for my students.


I need an efficient way for my team to review, approve, and communicate with stakeholders about which apps comply with our district’s privacy regulations and pedagogical standards.

Integrator / IT Admin

Let's connect for a demo & explore how this App Maker template could be a fit...


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