Show parents & guardians what the Google Classroom party is all about

What if Google Classroom could be used to share student Google Drive files with Guardians?

Little Assistant for Classroom (beta) makes it possible for teachers to quickly and securely send Guardians student work product from Google Drive Assignments as PDF attachments, deepening the teacher-student-home relationship.

Google Drive and Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings are incredible tools for student creation and collaboration, and they allow for teacher feedback to arrive in real-time — a critical factor for motivating and supporting learning.   Little Assistant adds another powerful motivator to the Google Drive learning triangle: the home audience!

Why Guardians need to see student work

Parents and Guardians are a students’ most important teacher.  That cherished project or essay on the fridge is a magic ingredient in the alchemy of school — a symbol that the family values the effort it takes to produce good work.

Works on assignments containing…

Why PDFs?

Not all guardians have Google accounts associated with their email addresses.  A PDF is a simple, printable, secure, and indelible, point-in-time snapshot.

What gets included in the guardian email?

The standard email format includes assignment details and can optionally include a custom comment from the teacher, the grade assigned, and a CC to the student.

Add Little SIS and stir…

Not a requirement for Little Assistant, but…

Manually-entering rosters and guardian email addresses that are already on-file with the enrollment office is annoying and a poor use of teacher time.

The all-powerful Little SIS for Classroom can sync all of this data automatically from your SIS up to Google Classroom.  A huge time savings for teachers that unlocks huge learning value.  Learn more.

How Little Assistant works

  • domain super-administrator authorizes the Little Assistant web service once for the domain.
  • Want to try it first as a pilot? Domain administrator maintains a list of the 5 teachers to include in the trial. 
  • Teachers install and authorize the Little Assistant for Classroom Chrome Extension.
  • Little Assistant seamlessly modifies the Google Classroom interface to make “Send student work to guardians” functionality feel like it was always meant to be there!

Seamlessly integrates into the Classroom interface

Once installed, Little Assistant adds itself to the Classroom interface with a slim profile that puts it “a click away” from within the teacher’s Google Classroom workflow.

Seamlessly integrates into the Classroom interface

And it uses the existing roster and guardian information to make the experience feel like a native part of the Classroom app.

Piggybacks on Classroom's built in Roster and Guardians feature

Google Classroom handles the invitations and security around Guardian notifications.  Little Assistant uses these same guardian-verified email addresses.   Want to take the teacher leg-work out of building rosters and sending guardian invitations? Little SIS for Classroom can sync SIS guardian data to Classroom to make this happen automagically.

Options for multiple teaching purposes

Whether it’s a final draft or a work in progress, a graded essay or a Google Drawing of a plant cell, teachers can include a note to the guardian and optionally CC the student and include the given grade.

Preview before you send

Make sure everything looks OK before you blast guardians with a typo or an oopsie;)

Integrates directly with Gmail

Emails send from the teachers’ Gmail account (sorry, Outlook not currently supported).  All messages are visible in the “Sent” folder and archived in Vault.

The right relationships

Enrich the Teacher-Student-Guardian relationship with student work product!


An undaunting and straightforward user-experience for teachers, students, and guardians.  No new logins, no new place on the web to go.


Uses rosters and guardian information ALREADY in Classroom and puts functionality “just a click away” from the teacher’s existing workflow.

Domain License

  • We’re still gathering feedback and understanding our costs, so pricing on domain license isn’t yet available.

Get help

Learn more about how to install and use Group Gator.

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