Be a dele-gator!  Unlock the full potential of Google Groups for schools and businesses.

How much more could Google Groups be doing for your organization?

As simple email addresses with Mail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites-sharing superpowers, Google Groups can provide a strong collaboration and communications backbone for running effective schools.

Here are just a few of the many use-cases for groups in schools:

  • Admin and teacher team collaboration
  • Grade level announcements
  • Sports team announcements
  • Student club collaboration
  • Parent email announcements

Challenges that can prevent schools from getting the most out of Google Groups

Centrally-managed group membership may be perfect for certain use-cases, but what happens if you can’t automate membership sync from a directory?  What about cases where allowing staff to manage their own groups is truly the right model?

The native group delegation methods don’t quite fit the reality of users:

  • Groups admin user role can manage all groups on the domain — too much authority.
  • Group owner user experience is clumsy, opens up many complex settings, and requires the user to be in the groups they manage.
  • End-users can’t easily see who is in which groups.

How Group Gator works

The domain administrator assigns delegated group managers via a simple web interface.
Delegated managers view and update group memberships using the Group Gator Add-on for Sheets.

Assign delegated managers

Delegated managers can add and remove group members, but have no ability to change group settings or member roles.

Manage membership from Sheets

Delegates use the Group Gator Add-on to view and update their groups.  A full preview is given before making bulk membership changes, and a searchable add-user tool helps avoid user error.

Power to the people

Let the folks on the front lines manage domain group memberships for themselves.


Delegated managers add/remove members using the Group Gator Add-on for Google Sheets.

Reduce email overload

Delegated managers don’t need to be owners or members of the groups they manage.

Get help

Learn more about how to install and use Group Gator.

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