Google Groups administrative mojo from any Google Sheet

Dig into your Google Groups settings and root out the hidden risks

Google Groups is a very powerful permissions, communications, and collaboration service in G Suite for EDU districts, but auditing and managing group access settings can be a challenge at scale.

Group owners sometimes make risky edits to critical settings like “Who can join” or “Who can post” in ways admins can’t easily discover.

Default settings for new groups are likely too permissive for a typical school environment.

There is an overwhelming number of Group settings, and they are extremely time-consuming to update at scale via Google’s native interface.

How Gopher for Groups boosts your administrative game

Quickly import all Google Groups settings available via Google’s APIs.

Filter for key privacy or online safety risks, such as permissive join or posting settings.

Perform advanced group membership analysis to account for all owners and managers, identify nested groups, and look for groups with membership set to “all in domain.”

Make all your group settings right in the sheet.  Use the power of Sheets filters to limit which groups you want to update.

Preview all changes before bulk-committing them to Google’s APIs

How Gopher for Groups works

Gopher for Groups is an Add-on for Google Sheets that can be installed by any user with global administrative rights to provision and manage G Suite domain groups.

Quickly import, analyze risks, and bulk-update group settings

Group Settings Gopher includes built-in import filters on group email address, is admin created, and direct members count, but your superpowers really kick in when you take stock of your entire groups footprint using Google Sheets filters!

Use sheets filters and filter-views to isolate risky settings

Group Settings Gopher plays very well with Sheets filters and filter views, allowing you to quickly isolate groups that create a high risk for your district, and giving you the ability to perform actions on just those groups that are currently visible in the Sheet.

Use pre-baked filters to quickly spot the highest risk issues

To help you on your path to being a Sheets filters ninja, we’ve pre-baked filters to let you quickly spot some of the topmost risk factors in your settings import.

Dig deeper with an advanced membership analysis

While it can take a bit longer to run, the advanced membership analysis gets you information about nested groups, groups that include all domain users, groups with external members, and information about group owners and managers — all important additional risk dimensions for groups.

Get a full preview of changes before you apply your updates

Have the confidence to know that the changes you’re about to apply are what you expect.  Group settings gopher provides both list view and single-group close-up of any edits that are about to be made to each group’s settings.

Understand how the API settings relate to the Groups interface

Because Google’s API values don’t correspond 1-to-1 with the way Groups for Business presents your options, Group Settings Gopher provides in-context help to allow you to understand how your edits in the Sheet correspond to changes in the interface, along with best practice recommendations.

Like a chainsaw through butter

Group Settings Gopher makes your work many times faster than the Groups interface, while also being much more user-friendly and less prone to user error than command line utilities.

Where's Wally?

Finding and fixing risky settings should be easy, not hard.

Sleep better

Knowing that no stray groups are set to “Anyone can join” means you can move on to worrying about the important problems.

Get help

Learn more about how to install and use Group Settings Gopher.

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