An administrative task-master for Gmail inboxes

Claw back emails after phishing attacks, FERPA breaches, or inappropriate sends…

Gmail, like any email system, can be a vector for malware and phishing attacks.  While Google has gotten better at catching these threats before they arrive in user inboxes, the threat continues to evolve and occasionally evade auto-detection.

Schools are mixed-user environments, where sensitive, legally-protected student information can sometimes end up in the wrong inboxes through user error, which can happen via email address auto-complete or a badly-formed Google Group.

Whether it’s a phishing attack, a FERPA snafu, or an inappropriate prank, school administrators need the power to react quickly to these incidents and eliminate the threat by removing carefully-identified emails from user mailboxes.

We had a teacher send out some private student info to a big mailing list inadvertently, and we were able to recall the message from all inboxes before most were able to view it in the AM! We’re poised and ready for the next major phishing email to hit…

Doug Alexander

Director of Technology, Warwick Public Schools

We’re just getting started

We’re currently offering Gopher for Gmail at an early bird price as we continue to build out more great features.

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How Gopher for Gmail works

The beta version of Gopher for Gmail can only be run by a super administrator user, and is focused purely on targeted mass email deletion.  The list of emails to delete is taken from the G Suite admin console’s Email Log Search feature.

Identify malicious or high-risk emails and export from Mail Log Search

Using the Email Search Logs feature within the G Suite admin console, administrators can surgically identify (and export as CSV) all recipients for a given message using a wide range of search parameters, such as sender, recipient, subject, and message ID.    Gmail Gopher expects this CSV file as an input.

Transform and load Email Log Search export to Sheets

Mail Search Logs are highly-redundant, with many extraneous records.   Gmail Gopher transforms and loads this data to Sheets so you can clearly see which recipient-message combinations you’re working with.

Filter Sheet to further exclude messages you don't want deleted

While Email Search Logs give you great control over which messages to purge, Sheets filters can give you even more control, allowing you to avoid false positives and work with great precision to keep from disrupting users.

Preview messages and confirm before purging

Preview a raw text version of each unique message, with a list of file attachments, and make your final purge preferences.   Do you want to delete from inboxes only, or also from the “Sent” folder of unwitting senders?   On closer inspection, do you want to exclude a message entirely?

View activity logs for all Gmail Gopher activity on your domain

Sunlight is the best deterrent to abuse, and with great power comes a responsibility.   Activity logs capture all email preview and purge actions, and are viewable to any super administrator on the domain.

Be surgical about it

Gopher for Gmail lets you use you use the G Suite admin console’s powerful Mail Log Search exports to refine & preview all emails before deleting them to reduce the risk of false-positives.

Act fast to triage the bad

Reduce your response time with fast, multi-threaded execution that touches only those user inboxes requiring action.

Daylight on all actors

Logs of email preview and deletion actions performed by Gopher for Gmail are permanent and visible across all administrators on the domain, ensuring no funny business.

Get help

Learn more about how to install and use Gmail Gopher.

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