Automate Google Calendar events from Sheets and Forms data.

It’s like your Google Calendar and a robot had a baby.

Bulk create calendar events from Sheets data.
Automate event creation from Google Forms submissions.

Great for…

  • Google Forms driven event approval flows
  • District academic and extracurricular calendars
  • Cyclical or block teaching schedules
  • Student and parent conferences

How Event-o-Matic works

Event-o-matic is a Google Sheets Add-on that gives any user the ability to merge spreadsheet data into calendar events.
Users can also create events in bulk, or automatically generate events into a calendar from Google Form submissions.

Create events in bulk

Unique or non-standard repeating events are now quick and painless to create.

Link Forms and Calendars

Create events in calendars from Google Form submissions, without granting others permission to your calendar.

Set conditions

Set up approval workflows by creating events only when a condition is met in the sheet.

Keep Sheet and Calendar in Sync

Update the Sheet and / or the Calendar with changes.  Syncs can be run in three modes:

  • Smart Sync: Sheet <-> Calendar
  • Sync Up: Sheet -> Calendar
  • Sync Down: Calendar -> Sheet

Save time

Painlessly crank out unique or non-standard repeating events.

Unlock new workflows

Create events from form submissions without granting others permission to your calendar.

Cure carpal tunnel

Let the robot baby do the clicking. Easily haul bulk events — even across multiple calendars.

Get help

Learn more about how to install and use Event-o-Matic.

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