Tools that help GAFE schools work smarter

Little SIS for Classroom automates the sync of Google Classroom courses and student enrollments from any source Student Information System (SIS).

Lead the district or school-wide adoption of Google Classroom by reducing setup burdens for teachers.

Chrome Gopher allows for Chrome device data to be imported, filtered, analyzed, and bulk-updated right from the sidebar of a Google Sheet.

Manage your Chrome devices with bulk power, reporting intelligence, and efficiency.

User Gopher makes it possible to view and update G Suite users in bulk directly from Google Sheets — from status to OU to contact directory fields — and offers a full preview of changes before you apply them.

Make your routine bulk-user management tasks more efficient, straightforward, and user-friendly.

Group Gator simplifies the management of G Suite domain Groups, allowing delegated group managers to view, add, and remove members via a Google Sheets Add-on.

Be a dele-gator! Remove the administrative bottleneck and empower school-level staff to keep their own domain groups up to date.

Event-o-Matic is an Add-on for Google Sheets that allows for the automation or mass creation of Google Calendar events from rows of spreadsheet or Google Forms data.

Calendar hundreds of district events or athletic team meets from a spreadsheet. Build automagic form-driven event approval workflows for school teams.

Local Hero is a Chrome Web App that securely automates the sync of CSV data files on a computer’s local file system with Google Sheets.

Liberate your Student Information System (SIS) data and build live dashboards or team workflows that harness the collaborative power of Google Sheets.

Centipede turns ultra-low-cost Arduino micro-controllers into a workforce-multiplying tsunami during Chrome device unboxing parties.

Let Centipede automate the keystrokes as your new Chrome devices sync to the mothership.

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